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Utility Survey Services

Welcome to Ambler Group – your trusted partner for utility survey services. We deliver swift, precise, and tailored utility survey services. With a comprehensive range of utility survey services, including utility survey expertise and cutting-edge GPR surveys, we empower you to mitigate risks and enhance efficiency. If you seek personalised guidance and top-tier utility survey services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists today.

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    What are utility survey services?

    Our utility survey services are a comprehensive process designed to identify all underground utilities within a specific area. Also known as utility mapping or utility locating surveys, this process effectively pinpoints underground utility lines and infrastructure. Our utility survey services encompass the detection of water, gas pipes, electric lines (both high voltage and low voltage), communication infrastructure (such as BT and CATV), traffic signals, fuel lines, drainage systems, and heating pipes.

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    Why are utility survey services important?

    The importance of our utility survey services cannot be overstated, and here are several compelling reasons why you should consider them:

    • Location Identification
      Utility survey services are essential for precisely locating and marking the positions of underground utilities. We employ various cutting-edge methods and technologies to ensure accuracy.
    • Mapping & Documentation
      Our utility survey services facilitate data collection for the creation of accurate drawings or digital representations of underground utilities. This data is invaluable, especially in construction projects.
    • Compliance & Safety
      Complying with regulations and ensuring safety are paramount. Our utility survey services help maintain proper records, safeguarding underground utilities from potential damage.
    • Cost Savings
      Knowing the precise locations of utilities can result in significant cost savings for construction projects.
    • Planning
      Our utility survey services aid in the meticulous planning of projects. This provides engineers and architects with comprehensive information before project commencement.
    • Public Safety
      Keeping utility surveys up-to-date minimises the risk of accidents related to utility damage, ensuring public safety.
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    How is a utility survey completed?

    Locating Equipment

    Our utility survey services are carried out by using various methods of locating equipment. A locator and signal generator are used to find services, also known in the industry as a CAT and Genny. This method is called EML, where the surveyor connects onto or clamps service points such as lampposts, water valves or metallic cabling to trace the direction and depth of the relevant services. This is used throughout the utility survey services.


    Once the EML stage has been completed GPR is then used to find any additional services. GPR uses an antenna to send electromagnetic waves into the ground which then causes a reflection shown on the screen. The image shown is examined by the surveyor to determine possible services, voids and disturbances in the ground a reading can then be taken to give an accurate depth. Using stats, markers and knowledge from years of experience the surveyor can then determine what these signatures may be.

    Technical Drawing

    Once utility survey services are complete, a technical drawing can be created using AutoCAD. The marks can be picked up onsite using a Total Station or GPS unit to pinpoint the location of the services found with mm accuracy. Road markings, kerb lines, building outlines and other street furnishings can also be picked up to give a more detailed perspective of the area and the services located.

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    Utility Survey Services | Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: Why are utility surveys necessary?

    A: Utility surveys are essential for safety, prevention of damage to utilities, and infrastructure planning, among other reasons.

    Q2: What types of underground utilities are surveyed?

    A: Our utility survey services can detect various underground utilities, including water, gas pipes, electric lines (both high voltage and low voltage), communication infrastructure, traffic signals, fuel lines, drainage systems, and heating pipes.

    Q3: Are utility surveys required by law or regulations?

    A: Our utility survey services ensure compliance with legal and building regulations.

    Q4: What information is included in the documentation produced by utility survey services?

    A: Our utility survey services result in accurate drawings or digital depictions detailing the location, depth, and type of underground utilities.

    Q5: How much do utility survey services cost?

    A: The cost of our utility survey services varies depending on your specific requirements. Please contact us today for a personalised quote.

    Q6: How long do utility survey services take?

    A: The duration of our utility survey services varies based on project requirements. For more details, please contact us today.

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    Why Choose Ambler Group for Your Utility Survey Services?


    Experience & Excellence

    As experts in utility survey services, we bring forth a wealth of knowledge, an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, and a dedication to delivering unmatched quality in every project.


    Budget-Friendly Surveys

    Our dedication lies in offering utility survey services that are not only top-notch but also budget-friendly. We firmly believe that exceptional quality should not come at a premium, making us your go-to choice.


    Warm & Collaborative

    We place a high premium on cultivating robust relationships within our team, with our valued clients, and among our fellow surveying professionals across the UK. We provide outstanding utility survey services.

    If you’re in search of reliable and premium utility survey services, contact us today!