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Desktop Surveys

Desktop Utility Surveys are a specialised service offered by Ambler Group. With a focus on providing in-depth insights into underground utilities, our surveys offer a comprehensive assessment without the need for physical site inspections. Our experienced team leverages advanced techniques to access and gather utility records and mapping data, enabling us to deliver crucial information about the precise location and ownership of underground utilities.

When you choose our services, we initiate the process by proactively collecting all the relevant data required for your search. We begin by establishing contact and collaborating with all relevant utility owners in the area. Our team of experts then embarks on a meticulous analysis of utility records, mapping data, and available information. This thorough examination ensures we furnish you with a detailed assessment and a comprehensive report that you can rely on.

Requesting a Utility Desktop Survey from Ambler Group offers numerous benefits:


By eliminating the need for on-site inspections, Desktop Utility Surveys can significantly reduce costs associated with traditional survey methods. This allows for efficient resource utilisation and minimises disruptions to your site, ensuring a smoother project experience.


Desktop Utility Surveys often feature quicker turnaround times compared to traditional surveys that require on-site inspections. This expedites the planning and decision-making process for construction and development projects, helping you stay on schedule.


Desktop Surveys are non-intrusive, meaning no excavation or site disturbance is required. This ensures minimal disruption to ongoing activities and reduces the risk of accidents and damage to existing infrastructure, promoting a safer work environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Our Desktop Utility Surveys not only provide essential information for construction and development projects but also help minimise the environmental impact your projects may produce. By avoiding unnecessary excavation and disturbances, we contribute to the preservation of natural resources and ecosystems. We believe that responsible surveying practices are crucial for sustainable development.

Ambler Group Services | Utility Surveys | Topographical Survey | GPR Survey

Many types of projects, including feasibility studies, design and planning, cost estimations, and project optimisation, can benefit significantly from Desktop Utility Surveys. The detailed report and assessment of underground utilities provided by Ambler Group greatly assist architects, engineers, and construction teams in developing accurate design plans, avoiding potential utility conflicts, and determining project viability.

Our commitment to providing valuable services starts from as little as £200 plus VAT for Desktop Surveys. avoiding costly unforeseen expenses couldn’t be easier. Contact us today to discover how Ambler Group can assist you with your project and ensure its success.

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    Ambler Group Services | Utility Surveys | Topographical Survey | GPR Survey


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    Ambler Group Services | Utility Surveys | Topographical Survey | GPR Survey


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