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Drainage Surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys are a great way to assess the condition of your drainage system. Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial property owner or a public authority, inspecting your drainage systems is vital for avoiding costly problems that can’t be seen until it’s too late.

Pinpointing any existing or potential problems can save you time and money in the future by getting ahead and rectifying issues lurking beneath the ground. Whether it’s a continuous blockage or loss to flow of water our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive detailed reports give you an insight into the nuts and bolts of your property.

Why should you have a CCTV Survey?

Early Detection of Issues

A CCTV Survey can diagnose a range of problems, from blockages to signs of corrosion and weakness in your drainage system. Identifying these issues can prevent them from escalating into extensive repairs.

Accurate Assessment

The use of advanced camera technology allows for detailed and accurate assessments of your drainage system. This precise information helps our experts and you, make informed decisions regarding maintenance and repairs.

Cost-Effective Maintenence

By proactively identifying issues, you can plan and execute targeted maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected emergency repairs and costs.

Regulatory Compliance

In many cases, regulatory bodies and insurers require evidence of regular drainage inspections. Our CCTV Surveys provide the necessary documentation to comply with these requirements.

Once instructed, our surveyors will undertake the CCTV Survey on-site at your property. The camera will travel through accessible pipework, capturing images and videos of the interior. We then compile our report on the findings and identify any issues.


What your CCTV Survey includes

  • High-Resolution Images
  • Insurance approved report
  • Basic Drain Layout
  • Recommendations for any defects found

In addition to the above, we also offer Drain Mapping to include levels and depths of your Drainage Systems.

The need for a drainage survey can be for many reasons including, root intrusion, loss to flow of water, blockages, collapse of drains and vermin control. However, taking the first step to rectify these issues couldn’t be easier with our CCTV Drainage Survey. Its a proactive approach to property maintenance that offers long-term benefits and peace of mind.

Contact us to find out more about maintaining and inspecting the lifeblood of your property!

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