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GPR survey specialists

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch GPR survey specialists, your search ends here. Meet Ambler Group – your go-to GPR survey specialists. When you choose us, you’re opting for quick, accurate, and personalised GPR surveys that are tailored to you. With a range of services to choose from, we’re all about boosting safety and supercharging efficiency. So, if you’re after some personalised advice from GPR survey specialists, and a premium GPR survey, get in touch with us today.

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    What is a GPR survey?

    GPR survey specialists, or Ground Penetrating Radar surveys specialists offer services that have gained significant prominence in the construction industry. Nowadays, major corporations typically insist on both a comprehensive utility survey and a GPR survey before granting excavation permits. This is particularly critical as the utility sector continues to expand its network with the proliferation of fibre cables and plastic pipes, rendering traditional CAT and Genny systems inadequate. As your GPR survey specialists, we can complete all surveys so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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    Types of GPR Surveys

    As GPR survey specialists, we complete GPR surveys using two primary methods: on-site analysis and markup, or post-processing. In post-processing, an area is marked and divided into a grid using a road wheel. The spacing between each section varies according to project specifications. Subsequently, your GPR survey specialists conduct lateral and longitudinal scans within the designated grid. Upon completion, the collected data is sent to the office for processing, yielding a detailed map that ensures maximum accuracy.

    If you have questions for our GPR survey specialists, we are readily available to provide trusted information and advice. Get in touch with us today for more information!

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    Ambler Group Services | Utility Surveys | Topographical Survey | GPR Survey

    How are GPR surveys done?

    GPR survey specialists utilise an antenna that emits electromagnetic waves into the ground. These waves bounce back and create an image on the screen. GPR survey specialists then meticulously examine this image to identify underground utilities, voids, and disturbances. With the assistance of statistical data, markers, and knowledge acquired through years of experience, our GPR survey specialists decipher the significance of these indicators.

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    Why are GPR surveys needed?

    Wondering why you should contact GPR survey specialists? Here are the compelling reasons for completing GPR surveys…

    Subsurface Exploration

    Our GPR survey specialists complete GPR surveys to unveil what lies beneath the surface, effectively detecting underground utilities, structures, and more. This is particularly beneficial before construction work commences.

    Environmental Site Assessment

    Our GPR survey specialists provide a comprehensive evaluation of environmental conditions on a site, including the detection of contaminants, storage tanks, and other potential hazards.

    Geological and Geophysical Studies

    Our GPR survey specialists complete GPR surveys that serve as invaluable tools for geological research. This enables the identification of geological structures and the investigation of soil properties.

    Infrastructure Inspection

    Our GPR survey specialists complete surveys for infrastructure inspection. They are essential for assessing the condition of road pavements and bridge decks, and identifying issues such as moisture intrusion and deterioration.

    Strategic Planning

    GPR surveys offer critical insights for engineers and architects. Our GPR survey specialists can support your project with complete information before commencing projects.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About GPR Surveys

    Q1: What are the typical applications of GPR surveys?

    A: Our GPR survey specialists complete surveys for several reasons. GPR surveys find application in various fields, including utility locating, geological and environmental investigations, concrete inspection, and infrastructure assessment.

    Q2: Why is GPR used for utility locating?

    A: GPR surveys excel at precisely locating buried pipes, cables, and conduits, mitigating the risk of construction mishaps.

    Q3: How do I interpret GPR survey results?

    A: Our GPR survey specialists are equipped to provide in-depth explanations of GPR findings. Feel free to engage with GPR survey specialists for a comprehensive understanding.

    Q4: What is the cost of a GPR survey?

    A: The cost of hiring GPR survey specialists depends on specific project requirements. We encourage you to contact our GPR survey specialists for detailed pricing information.

    Q5: How long does a GPR survey take?

    A: The duration of a GPR survey varies based on project specifications. For accurate estimates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    Ambler Group Services | Utility Surveys | Topographical Survey | GPR Survey

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    Why choose us as your GPR survey specialists?


    Experience & Excellence

    We are leading GPR survey specialists. Boasting expertise, continuous development, and unparalleled service, we love what we do, and our clients can feel that passion in every interaction when choosing us as their GPR survey specialists.


    Affordable Utility Surveys

    Our GPR survey specialists are committed to offering services that you can afford. We don’t think our services should break the bank, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for affordable GPR survey specialists.


    Friendly Team

    We’re all about building strong connections and relationships with our team, clients, and other surveying professionals across the UK. Whether we’re out on-site or just chatting in the office, our mission shines through.

    If you’re searching for friendly, professional and reliable GPR survey specialists, you’ve found the answer. Get in touch with us today for more information.